Here are the talks I have given so far.


  • Calculus of functors, Northwestern Kan Seminar (November 13th, 2017).

  • Landweber exactness functor theorem, Northwestern Kan Seminar (October 13th, 2017).

  • An introduction to spectra, UIC Graduate K-Theory Seminar (January 25th, 2017).

  • The Adams spectral sequence for MU, UIC Chromatic Homotopy Theory Graduate Seminar (February 16th, 2016).

  • A simplicial introduction to operads, UIC Derived Algebraic Geometry Graduate Seminar (February 3rd, 2016).

  • About Thom isomorphism and the realization problem, MIT Kan Seminar (September 17th, 2014).



You can find here all the conferences I have attended.