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My research is in algebraic topology, category theory and its connections with K-theory and computer science. I explore stable homotopy theory, which involves algebraic structures on topological spaces. I investigate the coherence of these structures when defined up to homotopy. This leads to the concept of ∞-loop spaces and their connection to spectra, representing homology and cohomology theories. I utilize model categories and ∞-categories to study these structures. Additionally, I examine coalgebraic structures, their encoding of algebraic structures, and their applications in theoretical computer science. I also explore new trace methods to approximate algebraic K-theory using variants of topological Hochschild homology. 

My Research




Coinductive control of inductive data types, with Paige Randall North, to appear on 10th Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science (CALCO 2023)


Spanier-Whitehead duality for topological coHochschild homology, with Haldun Özgür Bayındır, to appear in Journal of the London Mathematical Society


Koszul Duality in Higher Topoi, with Jonathan BeardsleyHomology, Homotopy and Applications 25 (2023), no. 1, 53-70.


Coalgebras in the Dwyer-Kan Localization of a Model Category, Proceedings of American Mathematical Society 150 (2022), no. 10, 4173–4190 


The Coalgebraic Enrichment of Algebras in Higher Categories, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 226 (2022), no. 3.


Coalgebras in symmetric monoidal categories of spectra, with Brooke ShipleyHomology, Homotopy and Applications 21 (2019), no.1, 1-18.



Undergrad and grad projects


Cofiber Sequences of Thom Spectra over B(ℤ/2)^n, Master thesis advised by Haynes Miller (Fall 2014).


Group Cohomology, EPFL Master project supervised by Jacques Thévenaz (Spring 2014).

An Introduction to Stable Homotopy Theory, EPFL Master project supervised by Kathryn Hess (Fall 2013).

The Serre Spectral Sequence (using Dress' construction), EPFL Bachelor project supervised by Kathryn Hess (Spring 2013).

Fiber Bundles in Homotopy Theory (in French), EPFL Bachelor project supervised by Kathryn Hess (Fall 2012).

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